City of Cando Fees + Rates

Grave Space $300.00

Fireworks Stand in City Limits:  $25.00 per event

Hawkers, Peddlers, Solicitors, Runners & Transient Merchants:
One Day:  $25.00  (in advance)
One Month:  $100.00  (30 days in advance)
One Year:   $150.00  (in advance)

Liquor License On and Off Sale:  Annual $1700.00
Semi Annual:  $875.00
Off Sale:  Annual $1150.00
Semi Annual:  $600.00

Animal License: $5.00
Daily charge for impounded Animal:   $15.00 (2nd day & each day after)
1st redemption (12 month period) $15.00
2nd redemption:  (12 month period) $30.00
3rd redemption:  (12 month period) $45.00

Garbage Service:
Residential Garbage Service: Tuesday a.m. Pickup.

Single/$20 Family/$26 Extra Garbage container/$11

Commercial Garbage Service Basic: Dumpster Pickup Friday, Garbage Totes are picked up on Tuesdays.

Basic Service:  30.00
Plus 15.60 per yd container
Residential with a business shall have both basic charges.

Landfill hours: Tuesday 5-8 Saturday 9-Noon

$15.00 Minimum Fee
$15.00 per itemWhite goods (stove, freezers, refrigerators)
$25.00 pickup load
$50.00 single axle
$100.00 per tandem
Non-residents of the City of Cando shall pay double the rates above.
Leaves and grass clippings:  No charge for city residents

Shingles are accepted at double the above rate
Tires, TV's, Computers, Electronics are not allowed. If questions call 303-0033.



Street and asphalt alley opening fees (per square foot)
0 - 15:  $75.00
15 - 30 plus 2.50 square foot over 15:  $75.00
30 - 50 plus 2.00 square foot over 30:  $130.00
50 - 75 plus 1.50 square foot over 50:  $190.00
75 - 100 plus 1.00 square foot over 75:  $250.00
100 - 150 plus .50 square foot over 100:  $300.00

Boulevard Openings:  $25.00
Property owners to be responsible for future settlement repairs.

Utility billings
Re-connect charge:  $25.00
Meter accuracy testing, deposit returned only if meter is faulty:  $50.00
Hydrant hook-up:  $25.00
Meter replacement:  $225.00 (in the case of freeze up, etc.)
Late fee for current and past due amounts is 1.75% monthly

In the event of non-payment or any portion thereof, the property owner shall be responsible for payment in full BEFORE service will be resumed.  Where a property has not paid for mains an additional charge will be made representing the current proportionate value of the mains in place.

Water Rate
Monthly basic service:  $10.00
Usage per 1000 gallons:  $8.50
Monthly basic rate for debt retirement: $5.25
Usage per 1000 gallons for debt retirement: $2.80

Sewer Rate
Monthly basic service:  $5.00
Usage per 1000 gallons of water metered:  $2.75

Zoning Permit fee for the Zoned area of Cando including Extra Jurisdiction Area of 1/2 mile Residential up to $5000; $30
Up to $25,000.00;  $60
Over $25,000.00;  $60+5 cents per sq foot
Commercial $120 up to $25000 $120+10 cents per sq ft over $25000

Miscellaneous Charges
Gaming Site Permit, 1 July through 30 June:  $100.00
Deposit for vacating streets or alleys:  $100.00

Mowing/Cleanup of lots: $150 per hour, minimum charge is $150.00

Equipment per hour charge – 1 hour minimum, with operator, time begins when equipment leaves the shop and runs until equipment is returned to the shop.
Loader:  $150.00
Trucks:  $75.00+2.50/mile
Sewer Jet:  $275.00
Skidsteer $125
Steamer:  $30.00
Pulling trucks with equipment:  $125.00
Nuisance work will be billed at 2 times the above rate.

Excavation fee:
If no pavement exists:  $50.00

City of Cando

PO Box 396

502 Main Street

Cando, ND 58324

Phone: (701) 968-3632


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Photos courtesy of Rick Craig and Megan Vote of Cando, ND.

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