City of Cando Fees + Rates

New Fees & Rates Effective January 1st, 2020

Grave Space $300.00

Fireworks Stand in City Limits:  $25.00 per event
Hawkers, Peddlers, Solicitors, Runners & Transient Merchants:
One Day:  $25.00  (in advance)
One Month:  $100.00  (30 days in advance)
One Year:   $150.00  (in advance)

Liquor License On and Off Sale: 

Annual $1700.00
Semi Annual:  $875.00
Off Sale:  Annual $1150.00
Semi Annual:  $600.00

Animal License: $5.00

Daily charge for impounded Animal:  

$25 per day 

Garbage Service:
*Residential Garbage Service: Monday 7:00 a.m. Pickup.

Family: $26.00

Single: $20.00

Extra Garbage container: $11.00

Commercial Garbage Service Basic: Dumpster Pickup Friday, Garbage Totes are picked up on Tuesdays.

Basic Service:  30.00
Plus 15.60 per yd container
Residential with a business shall have both basic charges.

Landfill hours: Tuesday 5:00pm-8:00pm Saturday 9:00am-12:00pm

$15.00 Minimum Fee
$15.00 per item White goods (stove, freezers, refrigerators)
$25.00 pickup load
$50.00 single axle
$100.00 per tandem
Non-residents of the City of Cando shall pay double the rates above.
Leaves and grass clippings:  No charge for city residents

Shingles are accepted at double the above rate
Tires, TV's, Computers, Electronics are not allowed. If questions call 303-0033.

*Street and asphalt alley opening fees and Boulevard Openings
Any above named, that are cut of dug for property owners repair, must be replaced to original state at the property owners' expense

*Street Repair Fee (shown on customer billings monthly) - $6.00

This fee goes to the Street Fund for repairs/maintenance

Utility billings
*Re-connect charge:  $50.00
Meter accuracy testing, deposit returned only if meter is faulty:  $50.00
Hydrant hook-up:  $25.00
Meter replacement:  $225.00 (in the case of freeze up, etc.)
Late fee for current and past due amounts is 1.75% monthly

In the event of non-payment or any portion thereof, the property owner shall be responsible for payment in full BEFORE service will be resumed.  Where a property has not paid for mains an additional charge will be made representing the current proportionate value of the mains in place.

Water Rate
Monthly basic service:  $10.00
Usage per 1000 gallons (0.0085/gallon):  $8.50

Sewer Rate
Monthly basic service:  $5.00
*Usage per 1000 gallons (0.00325/gallon) of water metered:  $3.25

*Building Permit -  Based on Total Project Cost for Zoned area of Cando


Up to $5,000.00: $30.00

Up to $25,000.00: $60.00

Over $25,000.00 (+ 0.05 per sq foot) : $60.00


Up to $25,000.00: $120.00

Over $25,000.00 (+0.10 per sq foot): $120.00

*Demolition Permit (Removal of Structure)

Residential: $30.00

Commerical: $120.00

Extra Territorial Jurisdiction Area of 1/2 Mile: $50.00

*If construction or demolition was started before obtaining a permit, the above fees are doubled.

Miscellaneous Charges
Gaming Site Permit, 1 July through 30 June:  $100.00
Deposit for vacating streets or alleys:  $100.00

Mowing/Cleanup of lots: $150 per hour, minimum charge is $150.00

Equipment per hour charge – 1 hour minimum, with operator, time begins when equipment leaves the shop and runs until equipment is returned to the shop.

*Bobcat: $125.00

Loader:  $150.00
Trucks:  $75.00 (*plus, out of town mileage, per mile)
Sewer Jet:  $275.00
Pulling trucks with equipment:  $125.00
Nuisance work will be billed at 2 times the above rate.

Excavation fee:
If no pavement exists:  $50.00