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Cando is fortunate to have one Museum; The Pioneer Foundation Building.

   The Pioneer Foundation/Museum is located on the SE Corner of 5th and Main Street, Cando, ND.  The Museum Founded in 1976 shares the main floor with the City of Cando.  Their Auditor's office and meeting room and Police department use 1/2 of the Main Floor. On the Main Floor the Museum has display cases and some free standing items that are representative of Cando's History.  This floor is open to the public during the City's regular hours 9 AM - 4 PM week days and by appointment other  times. The 2nd Floor of the Museum open by appointment and advertised hours is accessed by a stairway opening to the street level East of the Main Door and a circular stairway at the back of the 1st floor. There are many rooms on the 2nd floor and each one is furnished with items donated or on loan from individuals in our area. There is a kitchen,dining room, bedroom, parlor, toy room,professional room, 2 rooms housing "Mrs. Houge's" dress shoppe and reading rooms.

Our Museums Welcome You.

For appointments, please contact:

Jim Slusser (701) 968-3943

Vickie Lingen (701) 968-3490

Pioneer Foundation Building

Pioneer Foundation Building

Pioneer Foundation Building
Pioneer Foundation Building

Inside Pioneer Foundation Building

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