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Your City Billed Explained

Effective January 1, 2023

Previous Balance - Previous Balance Due

Receipt - Payment was Made

Water - $12.00 base fee plus the total gallons used @0.0086/gal (8.60/1000)

Sewer - $10.00 base fee plus 0.00325/gal of water usage (3.25/1000)

Garbage S - $20.00/Single   

Garbage F - 26.00/Family charge for garbage service

Garbage Xtra - $11.00/Extra Tote

Street Repair - $8.50 fund set up to help with street repair expense

Basic Debt R - Debt retirement charge flat fee of $5.25

Usage Debt - Debt retirement charge based on water usage 0.0028/gal (2.80/1000)

Basic Debt and Usage Debt fees go directly to the payment for refinancing the water plant loan and hooking up to the NorthEast Regional Water.

Cur Charges - Balance due for the current billing cycle

Total Due - Current balance plus outstanding balances due

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