Cando Volunteer

Fire Department

Towner County is currently in a Fire Emergency and Burn Ban


Towner County is currently in a Fire Emergency and Burn Ban for Extreme and/or a Red Flag Warning Only (this includes a ban on garbage/pit burning, campfires, and burning of farm or crop land). For the North Dakota Rangeland Fire Danger rating, please click on this link -> Burn Ban Restrictions & Fire Danger Maps | ND Response. This ban has been issued from April 6th, 2021 to May 4th, 2021. To view the Fire Declarations and Burn Restrictions, please go to the following link: Towner County Burn Ban Map.

(The penalty for violation of this burn ban is a Class B Misdemeanor (NDCC 37-17.1-10.1: Maximum sentence of 30 days in Jail and a $1,500.00 fine.))

If you have any questions on burning, please call the fire department in your area:

Cando Fire: Aaron Peyerl (701) 351-0454

Egeland Fire: Jason Moore (701) 741-1806

Bisbee Fire: Paul Johnson (701) 477-4242

Rock Lake Fire: Jordon Stenson (701) 213-5255

You can also check the Towner County Emergency Management Facebook Page to see the

Fire Danger Map. It is posted everyday.

Thank You!

April 6th, 2021

-Towner County Courthouse

Cando Fire Department

Fire Chief: Aaron Peyerl (701) 351-0454

Assistant: Doug Howard

Treasurer: Brent Heisler (701) 303-0003

Trustees: Mark Brehm and Ryan Miller

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314 Main Street

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