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"Bring 'Em Home"

S.P.U.R.S. is a not-for-profit organization of trained volunteers which, upon deployment by the Towner County Sheriff's Office serves to assist in search and rescue.

S.P.U.R.S. (Sheriff's Posse Urgent Response Squad) was organized in 2006 after a group of Towner County riders participated in a search for a missing child. An experienced search and rescue leader briefed the rider before the search and explained that with their highly developed senses of sight and hearing, horses can provide valuable assistance during a search.

Motivated by what they learned and the desire to be prepared should the need arise for a ground search in Towner County and surrounding areas, local horse people began gathering on the third Saturday of each month to practice the riding skills they and their horses need should they be called out for an actual search and rescue.

A search requires many more resources than horseback riders, and S.P.U.R.S. is made up of riders and non-riders of many talents. Our non-riding volunteers would be called upon to perform diverse tasks in the event of a search, such as providing and distributing food and water to horses and riders.

Therefore, S.P.U.R.S. actively continues to seek new members who will join with us in being prepared should an emergency arise.

For more information, please call anyone listed below:

P.O. Box 338
Cando, ND 58324


Gary Rader 701-968-4507

Brenda Halverson 701-968-3675

Darla Dammen 701-292-5800

Karen Leonard 701-662-6095

Sherry Walters 701-968-2021


To request SPURS,
contact the Towner County Sheriff 701-968-4350

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